Nootropics Vendor Comparison

Nootropic Vendor Comparison

As the nootropic community continues to grow, so does the number of sellers. Of course, generally speaking, this is good news. After all, it goes a long way in terms of making these supplements more accessible to the public. However, nootropic enthusiasts should remain vigilant as this trend will also inevitably lead to some bad eggs getting into the bunch.

This article seeks to help readers find the best place to get their nootropic needs. It reviews three well-known nootropic vendors, namely, Absorb Health, Pure Nootropics, and Nootropics Depot. It delves into some of the things that set each of these sellers apart and whether they really live up to their reputation.

The goal of these reviews is so that you can be guided accordingly, making your nootropic journey that much simpler and easier. The reviews are made to be as objective as possible, taking into account the general feedback of the nootropic community.

Absorb Health

Absorb Health is an online supplement vendor that is also commonly known as Absorb Your Health. It should be stated outright here that this is a nootropic supplier that you should steer clear of. Not only does it have questionable integrity, its ability to deliver on its promises has been put into question several times now.

To put these assessments in more concrete terms, it is vital that we look at Absorb Health’s track record. For instance, it is a well-known fact that they were implicated in selling product which did not include any of the drugs advertised. To be more precise, a number of supplement experts and consumers claim that their Panax Ginseng  and Pramiracetam supplements are nothing but placebos designed to swindle their customers out of their hard-earned cash.

To give further credence to this, the brand has also been exposed for their lack of third-party certificates of analysis. This means that they do not have the kind of paperwork necessary to show that the drugs they are selling are the real deal, or if they are even safe to use. Needless to say, this can put consumers in a rather awkward and precarious position. If you value your health, then you had better stay away from these supplements.

Pure Nootropics

The second nootropic vendor we will be looking at is Pure Nootropics. This vendor is everything that the first one is not. Not only is it incredibly reliable in terms of supplying its customers with the supplements they need. In addition to that, it also makes use of a third party verification and testing system since its initial founding in 2013.

During its early years, this vendor concentrated on selling racetam capsules to their customers online. However, as time went by and the business expanded, they have since started adding more supplements to their catalogue as well as coming up with new nootropic blends of their own.

Of course, if there is one thing that stays consistent since then, it is Pure Nootropics’ ability to provide accurate information about their own products. In fact, this is one of the things that many in the nootropic community love about this vendor.  This vendor is certainly dedicated in terms of helping their customers achieve their goals. It is hardly surprising then that the community threads on Reddit would tell you that this vendor is well-loved among nootropic enthusiasts.

Nootropics Depot

Nootropics Depot is another supplement vendor that demands our attention. This company specializes in various nootropic powders and capsules.  It has deep ties to the smart drug community as it is also owned and managed by the same people behind Ceretropics. In spite of that, we strive to assess it based on its own merit and the general feedback of the community.

Readers would be pleased to know that this company has always strived for transparency. This is because it has invested deeply in submitting their own products to a series of independent clinical trials. All of the nootropics on their catalogue have to pass a number of rigorous tests including the high-performance liquid chromatography and the Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy tests.  This dedication to quality sets them apart from the rest of the nootropic vendors today.

This article provides readers with a brief examination of the different nootropic vendors. Hopefully, these reviews will help point you in the right direction.