Some Things Were Meant to Be Tracked

For the longest time people who were interested in nootropics and other supplements that improve mental performance thought that there was no way to track things properly. For many, it was just trying to get the best results from theoretical scientific evidence, but much of that has changed as technology as evolved.

People who are using nootropics and other methods of improving mental performance may not realize it yet, but there is an explosion of new technology, such as the Oura ring, which can help. These technologies allow us to measure things like sleep, heart rate variability, and other markers that give us an idea of what our brain and body are doing in response to a certain nootropic.

Nootropics and Tracking

Many people are using nootropics in order to improve their mental performance, but it is hard to determine what exactly is causing the shift. For some people who stack nootropics on top of each other, how do we determine what is causing what?

For one thing, it is a good idea to work with each nootropic single-handedly. If you do it one at a time, there is a much better chance you will have success in the long-term because you can see what the response is. For example, some nootropic like fasoracetam might be causing some distress for people because it can be highly stimulating. Do you want to continue taking it if it is causing some kind of negative consequences? Only you can decide because some people experience nothing but useful results.

The context that a certain nootropic is impacting your life might also be important. For many people who enjoy the outdoors, while deer hunting for example, might not care about the negative effect because they are using their mind for something different than a desk job. Having mental endurance out on a hunt is very different than sitting at a computer looking at computer code all day.

That is why the different tracking devices are so helpful for people who are doing many things with their life. They get a full readout of what their body is responding to and what it is not. That’s worth a lot in the scheme of things.

A Step Towards the Future

The only problem is that these early technologies are missing something pretty important: complete accuracy. Unfortunately, that is going to take time to develop and it isn’t something that you are going to be able to do on your own. The devices simply need to advance as the companies have more money to make them accurate.

The good news is, we’re constantly taking steps towards the future. The Oura ring device we mentioned earlier has been studied compared to the standard sleep study with over 60% accuracy. That might not seem great, but over time it will get better and for now it is a good start.

The best that we can do is keep investing into these technology projects so that we develop better tools and use them more effectively.